GPS Signal Generator


CCX Technologies new Signal Generator is an easy to use and set-up system that works with our T-RX Avionics tester to validate the GPS functionality on an aircraft. 

  • GPS Signal Generator: The GPS Signal Generator validates the GPS functionality on an aircraft. Simple to set up and use, it includes GPS L1 signal generation, SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) satellite generation, dynamic position and altitude movement, an antenna coupler, and uses the current GPS satellite almanac. 
    • The GPS track will be defined with a bearing and velocity from a position and MSL altitude, with optional altitude changes defined as a rate or angle. 
    • Modifications of bearing and rates are dynamic, so you could set up an approach on the navigator and “fly it” the same way you do with an ILS generator.  

Included with the Signal Generator:

  • Generator box 
  • USB cable to connect to T-RX