T-RX™ Pulse Tester


T-RX™ Pulse Tester is a rugged, wireless touch-screen tablet device that will test avionics transponders, including:

  • Transponder Mode A/C
  • Transponder Mode S
  • ADS-B 1090

T-RX Pulse is sunlight readable, portable and easy to use, with an intuitive color interface.

Future-ready, T-RX Pulse supports additional optional test functions, when you need them, and also as new radios emerge.

The unit comes with a single rechargeable battery and charging cable, and a Standard 1- year Warranty (excluding battery).

Note: T-RX Pulse may not be combined with T-RX Radio.

Additional Details
Form Factor 13.2" L x 8.3" W x 2" H (35cm x 211cm x 5.1cm)
Materials Rugged Aluminum
Weight 5.07 lbs (2.3 kgs)
Screen 10.4" (26.4cm)
Power 1 Lithium-ion Battery with 10+ hours work time